Update on our emissions reduction progress

6 March, 2024

Following the launch of our latest sustainability strategy last year, we have been undertaking rigorous internal research efforts to maintain the efficiency of our operations while staying on track for our 2050 goal of being net zero across all operations for scope 1 and 2 emissions. 

We have now implemented several of these strategies to decrease our carbon footprint:


Since 2018, our head office has been using power from our rooftop solar panels to help offset our reliance on the grid. Now, with the help of GreenPower, we are covering the remaining energy usage with energy from accredited renewable energy projects from around Australia. These projects are all subject to stringent environmental standards and are the most highly regarded standard for off site renewables in Australia, allowing us to transform our operations to net zero without the use of carbon offsets.


As part of our sustainability pathway, we have been researching alternative fuel for our heavy machinery to support lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency across our operations. In August 2023, following a period of research and due diligence, we transitioned all heavy plant across our civil operations in the metro area to Ampol’s premium diesel fuel, Amplify Diesel HD.

Amplify offers higher efficiency and performance than standard fuel to reduce fuel use and wastage across our operations, lowering our carbon footprint and moving us towards our sustainability goals.

Based on the results from our trial of the product conducted in 2022, and assuming similar fuel usage, we estimate a reduction of around 520t of CO2 equivalents per year, equivalent to 5% reduction in our total emissions based on baseline calculations by our sustainability consultant.


Following the successful trial of the Fuelfix energy and emissions solution at one of our sites in Perth’s north, we are now installing our first unit with the aim to implement sustainable best practices across all our future works.

The fuelfix HESU15 hybrid power system and battery storage unit, in conjunction with Solar Skid, a remote solar panel option, is a cost-effective 15kVA outdoor power generation solution. Ideal for mine and construction sites, this highly durable, high efficiency, alternative power source can reduce operational costs, carbon emissions and noise by up to 50%. With the combination of Solar Skid, the battery storage unit is able to provide portable AC power with the opportunity to reduce emissions by up to 90%. Any excess energy generated is also saved and stored for future use, reducing any potential energy losses.

This is an early step in our ongoing efforts to improve the sustainability of our project sites.


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