All civil heavy machinery now using Amplify Diesel HD to reduce emissions

30 August, 2023

Following the release of our 2023 sustainability strategy in May, we have been working hard to progress our goals in our four areas of people, environment, governance and relationships.

In the area of environment, we have a near-term goal of reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity by 30% by 2030*; and a net zero goal across all operations for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050.

To support reaching these goals, a key action for us has been to seek an alternative fuel for our heavy machinery that supports lower emissions. We are pleased to announce that, following a period of due diligence, we have now transitioned all heavy plant across our civil operations in the metro area to Ampol’s premium diesel fuel, Amplify Diesel HD. This fuel offers higher efficiency and performance than standard fuel, reducing fuel use and wastage, and lowering carbon footprint.

The high-performance diesel is designed to meet the increasing demands of new diesel engines. With a unique, QPIBA-based formulation that keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer, this fuel will support the longevity of our equipment by minimising wear and tear and reducing our fuel consumption. The fuel comes with a multi-functional additive that restores and maintains fuel injector cleanliness and through regular use has the chance to provide up to a 100% power restoration.

Based on the results from our trial of the product conducted last year, and assuming similar fuel usage, we are estimating a reduction of around 520t of CO2 equivalents per year, which equates to a 5% reduction in our total emissions based on baseline calculations by our sustainability consultant. This is an important step in progressing towards our overall carbon neutral targets and we look forward to bringing further updates on our net zero journey.

*Compared to 2022 emissions


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