First sustainability report released

17 October, 2022

RJV is pleased to release its first sustainability report for the 2022 financial year.

In the six months from the launch of our inaugural sustainability strategy in December 2021, we have made significant progress in our four key areas:


  • 11.7% of staff are engaged in formal training, exceeding our target of 10%.
  • We exceeded our targets for LTIFR and a TRIFR for FY22, following the roll-out of a new safety initiative.


  • No environmental incidents were recorded during FY22.
  • Deployment of a fleetwide telematics system is underway to better manage and monitor the utilisation of assets, minimise idle times to reduce fuel use and emissions, and detect any unsafe practices to improve operator safety.
  • Our fleet replacement plan added 20 brand new heavy plant to the fleet with old plant retired and auctioned.
  • All new equipment is now subjected to an environmental performance review prior to purchase to ensure a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Advanced fuel was trialled in several items of heavy plant to determine if fuel emissions could be reduced (analysis continues).


  • No breaches of code of conduct, anti-bribery and corruption policy, or whistleblower policy were made.
  • Pre-qualification applications for sub-contractors now include the requirement for a code of conduct and modern slavery statement.


  • Civil tenders now include recycled product alternatives for client consideration.
  • New mining tenders incorporate fuel and emission offset options.

It is critical to the sustainability of our business that we take every step we can to improve our standing in these areas and support our clients to meet and exceed their own sustainability objectives.

In doing so, we seek to ensure that each community we are involved in establishing is built on a foundation of sustainable actions and measures.

Our efforts will be ongoing and continuously improved to ensure we remain a partner of choice for our clients, and a business our employees and all West Australians can be proud of.

Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy was the result of our determination to ‘do better’ across ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors, to truly live our values – the RJV Foundations – in everything we do, and to go beyond what is required of us as a private company.

Broadly, the strategy’s objectives are:

  • To reduce our environmental footprint
  • To play an active role in growing and supporting local communities
  • To ensure the socially responsible and ethical operation of our business; and
  • To support the sustainability objectives of our project partners

As such, our targets have been classed across four key areas:

  • People
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Relationships

The framework used to identify our materiality in these areas is derived from the globally recognised and utilised UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Standards. From the 17 SGDs, we have identified 11 to date as material to our operations. Within these, we have set our targets along with the key actions required to meet those targets.


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