Employee recognition awards for August 2018

16 August, 2018

Julie Gunn has been recognised and rewarded as a valued operator of heavy plant and strengthening the team by providing positive mentoring to new employees.

She shows a high level of respect for people and equipment and is always positive in her daily activities and goes above and beyond what is expected.

Daniel Thomas has been recognised and rewarded for always being reliable, punctual, dependable and maintaining an outstanding quality of work.

He has gained the respect of all personnel onsite, not only from RJV employees but also subcontractors. He is always a team player and assist all in achieving their goals.

Michele Lowe has been recognised and rewarded for going above and beyond to ensure that the Reception area renovation project proceeded without issue.

She is always willing to step up when required to assist the business and always willing to take on extra work to help out the team.


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