Port Coogee Marina

Port Coogee Marina

2006 - 2009
Port Coogee Marina, Medina Parade, North Coogee WA, Australia


The scope of work included:

  • Construct breakwaters and seawalls
  • Earthworks
  • Reclamation/compaction
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Road infrastructure
  • Installing services to lots
  • Constructing retaining walls to lots


RJV’s expertise in marina construction has come to the fore with this long awaited development. After more than 10 years in the planning, RJV commenced work on this prestigious project early in 2006.

The first step was to construct nearly 2km of breakwaters and seawalls stretching out into the Indian Ocean in water depths of up to 10m. The armour and core rock required for the seawalls were produced from another RJV site at Landcorp’s AMC development in Henderson. Specialised blasting and sorting of the rock enabled efficient placement at the breakwater location.

Some 3,000 tonnes of rock were delivered and placed per day. This was all carried out with careful environmental monitoring of the sensitive marine life in Cockburn Sound.

Following the start of the breakwater construction the marina earthworks commenced with SKM design engineers. The plan was to earthwork nearly 2 million m3 of material in a cut-to-fill operation of which over 1 million m3 was to be placed within the breakwaters, forming two reclaimed islands and northern and southern reclaimed areas adjacent to the seawalls. This process was complicated by the requirement to keep Cockburn Road – a major road running through the site – open to the public. This meant that RJV’s 50T articulated dump trucks, delivering some 7,000m3 per day, underwent significant traffic management control when crossing the road at the temporary traffic lights.

RJV’s innovative suggestion to contain the fill within Manufactured Select Fill (MSF) rock bunds for the island and reclamation works was welcomed and the reclaimed areas were filled efficiently. To obtain compaction we used the High Impact Energy Dynamic Compaction Method with all results meeting the required specification.

To set Port Coogee apart from other marina developments, the 2.25km of marina edge wall treatments were designed using precast concrete panels. Following RJV’s recommendation to the developers, the final design allowed for the precast panels to be manufactured and installed in a two-process method where the panels were attached to anchor blocks at an accessible level. This was imperative when dealing with the tidal movements that were experienced.

In addition to the marina construction RJV were responsible for constructing the road infrastructure, installing the services and constructing the retaining walls for some 150 lots in Stages 1 and 4A.

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