Montario Quarter

Montario Quarter

2017 - 2023
Shenton Park WA 6008, Australia


Bulk Earthworks – Retaining Walls Underground Services – Roadworks


RJV commenced construction in March 2017 at Shenton Park Hospital, which is to be repurposed as a residential development by LandCorp. In order for the construction of the new development to take place the existing hospital needed to be cleared, demolished and rehabilitated to a state where civil works could be undertaken across the site. Given the age of the existing hospital, originally constructed in 1893, the demolition of the hospital contained various environmental risks which had to be dealt with in line with high level safety and environmental guidelines. These included asbestos, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, buried services and potential groundwater contamination. RJV worked in conjunction with licensed disposal contractors and offsite facilities to ensure the safe and responsible demolition of the site. Key works included:

  • Removal and management of asbestos by accredited contractors from buildings and unexpected finds in excavations
  • Constant asbestos fibre monitoring via automated monitoring stations around the perimeter of the site by a recognised Environmental Consultant
  • Monitoring and testing of all demolished building footprints for contaminants such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals and pesticides
  • Removal of all contaminated material to licensed off-site disposal facility
  • Monthly groundwater monitoring to ensure groundwater contamination was not taking place throughout the works
  • Tracking of all exported material to ensure that all waste was accounted for

RJV was able to successfully complete the demolition and remediation of the site. At the completion of works all materials were signed off as safely and responsibly disposed and the site was classified as clear for civil construction works to begin. All material was managed as per Green Start requirements with RJV achieving 99% recycling on this project. Following completion of demolition and remediation RJV was awarded the Stage 1 Earthworks in November 2017 and Stage 1 Civil Works in January 2018, including an upgrade of the existing Selby / Nash Street intersection from traffic light controlled to a roundabout under live traffic conditions.

In 2022, RJV was awarded the Montario Quarter Stage 2 works.

  • Civil works including all services, roadworks and stormwater.
  • Full landscaping package involving irrigation, vegetation, turf and Public Open Space hardscape works.
  • Unique Montario Quarter design elements to decorative footpath, custom fabricated fence elements and unique cast in situ concrete retaining walls with feature brickworks.

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