Marmion Avenue extension

Marmion Avenue extension

2019 - 2020
Butler WA, Australia
Capricorn JV


Construction of Marmion Avenue from Butler in the south, through to coastal dune areas to Yanchep in the north.


The Marmion Avenue Extension involved the construction of Marmion Avenue from Butler in the south, through coastal dune areas to Yanchep in the north. The link opened up the northern suburbs corridor through the Alkimos, Eglington areas and has significantly reduced travel times for residents of Yanchep and Two Rocks when travelling to Joondalup and Perth.

The extension was approximately 13 kilometres long and involved clearing and bulk earthworks for the ultimate formation, pavement construction for the single carriageway stage 1 formation, drainage and street lighting. The alignment through coastal dunes also required tying into existing pavements at Yanchep Beach Road as well as the existing extent of Marmion Avenue at the time.

RJV also constructed three roundabout intersections for future roads at Romeo Road, Pipidinny Road and Santorini Promenade, as well as wildlife crossings in strategic locations under guidance from Principal-Engaged Environmental Consultants. RJV also erected wildlife fencing to the extent of the project.

The Marmion Avenue works projects were undertaken concurrently by RJV, Capricorn Village at Yanchep and Brighton Estate at Butler.

Relevance for MRWA Categories:

The project involved the cut to fill of nearly 1,000,000 m3 of sand and rock. Rock was excavated through ripping with D10 and D11 dozers. RJV was able to efficiently rip all rock encountered to the extent that rock blasting provisional allowances were never utilised on the project. Excess rock was earthworked into deep fill areas and blended with sand to provide a suitably graded fill mixture. RJV used its fleet of scrapers to perform earthworks cut to fill operations within short to moderate haul distances. Larger haul cut to fill operations utilised 50T articulated dump trucks loaded by 988 loaders and 85T excavators.

The pavement works for the project comprised of 225mm thick 75mm graded limestone subbase, 75mm thick emulsion stabilised limestone basecourse, primer seal and 30 mm AC or 40mm AC intersection mix wearing course.

The project demonstrated RJV’s capability in planning and executing large scale road alignment projects over long distances, as well as an ability to coordinate multiple working fronts over an alignment of approximately 13km to ensure that program timeframes were met.

Proper planning and coordination of site activities meant that RJV was able to maximise efficiencies with haul distances and minimise wastage for cut to fill along the alignment.

The size of the project also demonstrated RJV’s ability to coordinate the delivery of large quantities of road pavement materials, asphalt and sealing works as well as to ensure that quality of materials was kept consistent across the project.

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