Flynn Drive/Old Yanchep Road upgrade

Flynn Drive/Old Yanchep Road upgrade

2021 - 2023
Flynn Drive, Neerabup WA 6031, Australia
LWP for Banksia Grove Development Nominees Pty Ltd


This project is being completed to complete access into the master-planned Banksia Grove development. The scope consists of two phases of works – The offline construction of the new Flynn Drive single carriageway and the online upgrade of Old Yanchep Road.


The Flynn Drive portion of works will include over 19,000m2 of new pavement upgrades including drainage and power installation along the new alignment.

Traffic along Flynn Drive will be maintained on the current alignment to avoid disruptions to traffic flow and the neighbouring golf course.

The golf course’s new entrance will be reconstructed from the existing carriageway once traffic is switched across the new lanes.

New pit and pipe drainage will be installed along the length of the new carriageway, culminating in the excavation and shaping of a new drainage swale.

The Old Yanchep Road portion of works includes the reconstruction of over 14,000m2 of pavement along the existing carriageway.

The works will involve significant level and crossfall adjustments to the existing carriageway to surrounding earthworks.

The existing overhead power and communication services will be relocated to achieve the new design levels and RJV will facilitate their movement through the life of the project.
RJV are required to install a new portion of MSCL water main to suit the new levels including the tie in to the existing water network.

RJV will remove and rehabilitate the existing road seal and pavements and locally cut to fill to the defined levels.

RJV is responsible for the installation of full new lighting and electrical services and completion of all earthworks and road pavement construction including new sealing and asphalt, kerbing, footpath, lines, signage and roadside infrastructure.

Both portions of works are part of MRWA’s RAV4 network which needs to be maintained for the duration of the project, adding to the complexity of the traffic management.

Traffic will be managed along Old Yanchep Road with a single lane, traffic light controlled flow.

Regular auditing and inspections of the traffic management set up by an independent traffic control company will ensure that RJV is working to all current standards and guidelines.

Once completed, the road upgrade will increase the road quality and safety along the two road sections.

Importantly, the project will provide access to the Banksia Grove development of both roads and complete the through links on the Eastern and Northern boundaries.

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