East of the Beach

East of the Beach

2018 - Present
Eglinton WA 6034, Australia
Urban Quarter


RJV commenced construction in 2018 on the East of the Beach development and to date has completed 5 stages delivering over 200 lots with no recorded safety incidents to date.


The development is located on a gently rising hillside just five minutes from the Shorehaven foreshore, off Bluewater Drive.

The East of the Beach development is a fully private community that lends its style inspiration from the beach, integrating residential lots with public open spaces with native vegetation.

Significant consideration to local fauna and flora retention has played a large part in the RJV’s construction works. This included adherence to a stringent vegetation and conservation area management plan to comply with all local and federal environmental requirements.

The site presented a number of construction challenges including significant rock excavation during both earthworks and civil construction works typical of works in the Northern corridor, retrofitting a roundabout onto busy Bluewater Drive, strong prevailing winds and interfacing with the ongoing Metronet project – Yanchep Rail extension.

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