Catalina Estate

Catalina Estate

2011 - Present
Tamala Park WA, Australia
Tamala Park Regional Council


Bulk Earthworks – Retaining walls

Underground Services – Roadworks


RJV won the Catalina subdivision works in 2011 and has completed all works to date. RJV’s experience in the northern coastal corridor provided RJV with the knowledge of the terrain conditions that are prevalent in the area and the need for D10 and D11 dozers and 651 scrapers to rip and haul through the hard rock conditions onsite.

RJV also completed the upgrade of Joondalup Drive and the intersection with Marmion Avenue for the Catalina Subdivision entrance and the service upgrades associated with these works. Working alongside the existing businesses and residents directly adjacent the site proved difficult due to the coastal conditions and location of the site.

RJV managed dust issues with the use of 46,000 kl water carts for dust suppression, adequate maintenance of wind fencing and the use of pre-planning for hydromulch stabilisation to minimise the impacts of dust issues, measured through automated dust monitor stations set up at the extent of the site.

Recent works at Catalina have involved the carting of excess material from the “central cell” (bounded by Marmion Avenue and Connolly Drive) to both the “eastern cell” and “western cell”. The “eastern cell” cartage was completed using 50 tonne articulated dump trucks and RJV was able to set up and manage an actuated temporary traffic signal crossing point in order to enable the trucks to cross Connolly Drive and cart material to fill areas in the east. This operation enabled higher productivity than an equivalent road truck operation and meant that RJV was able to offer the client for Catalina a cost saving as well as a reduction in the time frame for the earthworks.

RJV’s ability to manage this crossing and ensure that operators adhered to strict safety protocol meant that all earthworks were completed with no incidents onsite and no harm to the public utilising Connolly Drive as part of their daily commute. RJV also ensured that Connolly Drive was restored to its previous state with verges and road surfaces reinstated at the completion of works.

Currently RJV is conducting cut to fill works within the “western cell”. This also involves the cartage of excess from the “central cell” to fill areas west of Marmion Avenue. As part of this operation RJV has limited options in utilising earthworks equipment to complete cartage operations, and as such must utilise road trucks. RJV liaised with Main Roads WA and was able to negotiate permission for semi-trucks to proceed straight through the intersection of Aviator Boulevard and Marmion Avenue (currently a right turn only) to enable increased efficiency in haulage operations. This operation has currently been completed with no influence to Marmion Avenue traffic, particularly during peak hour operations.

RJV has worked with the consulting engineer and client at Catalina to achieve milestone dates and ensure that each stage has been brought within budget and on time.

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