December Employee Recognition Winners Announced

23 December, 2021

Congratulations to our final recognition award winners for 2021: Phil Ogden, Karl Husten, Mark Freestone and Brett Henderson. 

Phil has proven to be a fantastic asset on the loader with the back filling of common trench. Having never done this kind of work his attention to detail is outstanding.  He is always one of the first to grab a shovel and help the team. Phil has a very positive and happy attitude towards any tasks that are asked of him, even if they fall outside of his operating role. 

Karl has often juggled multiple earthworks projects without complaint or issue. He has consistently displayed the company values through his excellent communication skills, ability to delegate, willingness to assist other supervisors and consistently high quality of work. 

Mark has gone above and beyond by consistently working extra hours on the Eden Beach project to facilitate adherence to the program timeline. His willing attitude, commitment and dedication to keeping the job on schedule is greatly appreciated. 

Brett has shown excellent initiative by prioritising the northern run schedule of equipment refuelling. When the second fuel truck had been delayed at short notice, Brett made the decision to focus on the priority projects first, preventing extensive production delays. 

We’re proud to have you all as part of the RJV team! 


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