Civil construction market update

24 April, 2023

Tim Ryan, RJV CEO

With the first quarter of 2023 behind us, we have observed a continuation of themes from 2022. 

Labour market 

The labour market continues to be challenging and we are still seeing high demand for experienced operators and maintenance personnel. 

Our dedicated team managing recruitment have done an amazing job to reduce the impacts of these challenges and it is due to their success that our project performance is generally being managed to meet clients’ expectations.


Consistent increases in the cost for parts, together with the lead times and availability of parts, remain the biggest challenge and we are working through solutions to manage the impact for us and our clients in this area going forward. By negotiating firm pricing, and pre-ordering parts so that we are carrying more stock, we can get ahead of many of these logistical issues.

Fuel prices remain volatile and operating the most efficient plant we can is part of our solution here – replacing and refurbishing our fleet to reduce fuel use is a core focus area of our net zero strategy. Following a substantial fleet upgrade last year, approximately 15% of our current fleet is new / near new.

Sustainability and emissions reduction 

Our updated sustainability strategy has now been released, along with dedicated strategies in the areas of Aboriginal engagement, local employment, and diversity. These set out our new ESG targets and actions for the coming years. 

By taking a proactive approach, we are positioning ourselves for the smoothest transition possible to net zero, supporting our clients in their transitions and making reporting processes easier for all. 


Safety on site takes the utmost priority for us, always. Ensuring we operate at best practice standards in all aspects of WHS and continue to improve our safety performance is an ongoing focus for every employee. As part of this work, our HSEQ team are rolling out monthly safety focus topics to keep personnel educated and abreast of any changes.

As always, we encourage all our clients to reach out with any feedback or suggestions on how we can better work together to achieve our mutual goals. 


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