RJV understands that its people are fundamental to its success. As a result we value our people and are focused on providing them with an environment that supports their development and success.

We are committed to ensuring we attract and retain our people, who work towards the best interests of the team and our clients, and who act with honesty and integrity.

We value our team members’ contributions, recognise and reward their efforts and provide an enjoyable, fulfilling, supportive and safe workplace.

Angela Healey – Operator

I am an operator for RJV Civil Infrastructure, and have worked for the company for seven years . I began my journey at RJV as a roller operator on a road crew. Over time I was trained in the BEW aspect of civil construction, learning how to operate our Bell dump trucks and water trucks in a productive environment, and now hold all relevant tickets for the machines I operate daily. Working as a female in a male dominated industry has its challenges, but as RJV is an equal opportunity employer my gender has never hindered my prospects professionally. Over the years I have worked on many of our road and sub-division projects, and I thoroughly enjoy my current position as a water truck operator on a road crew. I truly look forward to spending many more years upgrading Perth’s roads and developing major sub-divisions in our fast expanding metropolis.

Merran King – Site Administrator

I started working with RJV Mining Services in 2017 and have enjoyed the team spirit and attitude towards ensuring all employees have a safe and positive working environment. Everyone, from senior management down, is very helpful and supportive of all RJV employees.  I look forward to continuing to be part of a great supportive and positive company and working on many other Mining Services projects.

Ellis Atherton – Civil Infrastructure Manager

In reflecting on my time here at RJV, I believe it’s the people I’ve met and the friendships I have made along the journey that have made my time here truly rewarding. Regardless of the position held within the company, my experience is that we all have a voice that will be listened to, and in turn are all willing to listen and take advice in equal measures. For me, this is one of the main reasons why RJV has so many long term employees across all areas of the business.