RJV Marine Infrastructure is a specialist unit of RJV.

RJV Marine Infrastructure are specialist contractors in marine development, especially when complimented with the other specialist units within RJV, namely RJV Mining Services, and RJV Civil Infrastructure.

RJV Marine Infrastructure have on board a “Team” which has enormous expertise and experience over some decades in this field and has a proud history in successfully undertaking projects around the Western Australian coastline constructing Causeways, Breakwaters, Marinas, Marine Structures, Boat Harbours, Revetments, Artificial Harbours, Seawalls, Groynes, Jetties, Piers, Reclamation, and providing Quarry Operations.

RJV Marine Infrastructure has in-house capabilities using our own specialised equipment.

Port, marine and coastal structures are usually constructed uniquely and in extreme environmental conditions. This unsurprisingly brings about unique challenges which require unique solutions.

In RJV, we understand that all successful projects require a comprehensive understanding of the natural fundamental factors which make up the environment in which marine infrastructure is constructed.

Our vast background knowledge and many years of experience working with nature, in this field, appreciating the various materials used to construct marine infrastructure, and considering the many factors that influence construction, such as environmental impact, wave action, surges both tidal and storm, ocean currents, turbidity, sedimentation, cyclone activity and quality of material used, allow us to provide our clients with in-house, cost effective, safe, innovative and alternative solutions, from green field sites to handover.

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